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Sarah Snider at New Feeling Massage

Sarah Snider is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, a graduate of the massage therapy program from the CenterPoint School of Massage and Shiatsu Therapy, and a CranioSacral Therapy I graduate of the Upledger Institute. She is also a member of the American Massage Therapy Association’s sports massage team. Sarah also has over four years of experience working at massage clinics, spas and chiropractic offices, frequently helping clients relieve chronic pain, especially headaches due to muscle tension and trigger points.

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phone: 612.232.1754
email: sarahjsnider@gmail.com


My office is at The Healing Garage
2913 Harriet Avenue S
Minneapolis, MN 55408


"Sarah truly has gifted hands and is a great person to go to for massage. She is caring, compassionate and will truly listen to your needs and do everything she can to meet them for you. She has a great touch and can make anyone feel right at ease. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great therapeutic massage. Having a healing touch is not something that can be taught, but it is certainly something that Sarah possesses."

Libby K. Larson, DC

"Highly recommended chair massage! We hired Sarah for a chair massage event at our St. Paul office. She was prompt and professional, it was relatively inexpensive, and best of all, our employees loved it! I would definitely recommend Sarah's chair massage."

Leah W.

"I was looking for a massage therapist close to my home and came across Sarah Snider through her professional association. She has always been accommodating - even if I schedule on the same day! I always ask for the “usual.” But the usual always has some variation. I can tell that she is sensitive and adept at finding areas that I need to be worked and she is very skilled at doing so with purposeful and even pressure. I have been to several massage therapists and would encourage people to try Sarah’s massage therapy."

Christy B.

"New Feeling Therapeutic Massage was a great way for me and my sorority sisters to start our new school year. It was relaxing and felt great! Everyone felt refreshed and had a little less stress to start classes the next day.

Meg Hintzen, member of Lambda Delta Phi Sorority

"The best part of New Feeling is that Sarah will change up her approach as you're going along to fit how your muscles react. The whole thing is relaxing and informed. And there's no hard sell of products in the location whatsoever. It only comes up if you show interest. Nice experience over all."

John Y.